Perth Police Station – Point Cloud BIM Case study


Project information

  • Building Type – Police Station
  • Location – Perth, Australia
  • Inputs – Point Cloud & Photographs
  • Deliverables – As-Built BIM Model
  • Software – Revit 2016

Business model adopted

An hourly billing business model was adopted for the Perth Police station project. Advenser engaged a team of 5 engineers for 3 weeks to complete the project. perth-point-cloud-case-study

Project synopsis

This project involved As-Built modeling of Perth police station from the point cloud data. Perth police station was an existing building located in East Perth, Australia.

Our scope of services

The client requirement for this project was creation of BIM with LOD 500 from the point cloud data of the building which included a main building, jail, gym and a parking lot.


The challenging project was taken up by team Advenser and was successful in executing BIM in Revit. Google maps and photographs of the building were used as reference during the project. The huge file size of the point cloud data was reduced using Autodesk Recap to make it compatible with Revit.