Facility Management

BIM Facility Management (FM)

Advenser offers BIM facility management services to our clients who wish to create, utilize and manage building information throughout the lifecycle of a structure. The facility management service we provide ensures that the information on MEP and fittings equipment are consolidated and can be used for maintenance and service of the same in the later stages.
Advenser follows COBie (Construction of Building Information Exchange) process for managing our FM data. Our FM model will incorporate the information like make, cost, warranty, contact records and required product specifications. Our engineers abide by the current industry standards and are proficient in the state of the art software packages like Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk CADmep, to name a few.
BIM for Facility Management

What do we do as a BIM facility management service provider?

As a BIM facility management service provider, our services are aimed at facilitating the managers in extracting and storage of asset data such as the condition of an object, technical specifications, maintenance schedule, warranty period etc.
The dedicated team of BIM engineers with us ensures that the data in our FM model can help our clients in improving performance and saving time, effort, and money in running and maintaining the building during its life cycle. And It can act as a guide when future modifications are needed for the facility.

Our BIM expertise

Over the last decade, we have been relentlessly catering to the BIM requirements of the AEC industry with impeccable quality earning us the title “the trusted partner to the AEC industry”. We over the years have worked with clients across the globe on a plethora of BIM projects including BIM facility management.
Our team of BIM engineers has what it takes to develop a reliable 7D BIM model irrespective of the complexity of the project. They owe it to the experience they have gained in working with clients spread across the globe.

Our quality assurance