Construction Documentation (CD set)

Architectural or structural construction documentation (CD) set encompasses a comprehensive set of sequential drawings in the order of their occurrence during the construction process and involves the preparation of drawings and specifications that dictate and convey the detailed requirements of the building project. CD sets serves as the basic reference for future modifications or for facility management and comes in handy while managing possible future change orders. Preparation of construction documentation is necessarily the third step involved in an architectural design process preceded by conceptual or schematic design and design development.

We help architects, design consultants and builders in preparation of impeccable and accurate architectural construction documentation with attention to every minute detail. Our architectural team has in-depth knowledge of various international codes and standards of buildings and are capable of preparing accurate CD sets focusing on the standards of the project location while adhering to client’s standards. The CD sets we deliver are embedded with accurate information, parameters and specifics on the architectural components of the building pertinent for the builder or contractor to price and build the project.

Inputs required:

Entire project information including the final design drawings and addendums (as sketches) if any, Specifications etc.


Construction set of documents in .pdf or .dwg format and specifications for construction details and materials.

  • Floor Plans
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Finish plans
  • Framing plans
  • Roof Plan
  • 3D Axonometric Views
  • Building cross-section(s) and truss details
  • Wall Sections & Details
  • Electrical Plans
  • Detailed Specifications
  • Interior Details/Elevations
  • Exterior Elevations (front, rear, left & right sides)

Software expertize:

  • Revit suite (Architecture, Structure)
  • AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD Architecture (ACA)