Energy Analysis Modeling

“Energy Analysis Models” (EAM) are used in whole building energy simulations, and gbXML is a common format for representing these models. Basically, an Energy Analysis Model (EAM) is an abstraction of a building’s overall form and layout into a ‘computational network’.

It is found that using this technology, both the owner and designer can be more confident of what the outcome will be before the building is even constructed. This has the potential to save money from design changes and energy costs as well as material changes and retrofitting that is common from older methods of daylight control. In the end it can improve the aesthetics of the building, improve visual comfort and reduce the overall electrical lighting usage within the building.

Energy modeling happens throughout the design process from concept through post-construction. We deliver models for energy analysis at the concept stage which has all spaces clearly defined and the model will be ready to be exported to gbXML format.