Procurement BIM

Procurement BIM/Interior Design BIM

Get in touch with our team to avail BIM services that are aimed at making material quantity takeoff and cost estimate easier, faster, cheaper and more accurate.
“Revolutionize the way your projects are procured by openly shared project information models.”

The BIM consulting services we offer

We help our clients in the procurement process by delivering shop drawings and actual quantity schedules generated from a BIM model, helping our clients in reducing losses due to wastage while purchasing items.

We are mainly focus on helping interior designers leverage the benefits of BIM in architectural and interior design aspects by applying BIM to the finishes, the fixtures, the area requirements and the furniture schedules.

Our estimation team is capable of calculating the area and quantity of materials needed using a data-rich BIM model. We ensure that we aid in reducing the overall project cost by producing accurate estimates and minimizing orders of excess or unnecessary materials.
schematic representation of procurement BIM

Inputs required

construction drawing model of hotel interiors