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We provide Procurement BIM services to the construction industry.

In today’s building construction industry, the need for accurate quantification of building elements is increasing day by day. This information is required throughout all the construction phases.  Advenser helps clients in procurement process by delivering shop drawings and actual quantity schedules generated from the BIM. This can help the clients to reduce the loss due to wastage while purchasing the items.

The construction materials can typically account for around 40 to 45 percentage of the total cost in construction industry. BIM is changing the way Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sectors are working and providing new processes for design solutions and construction collaboration. Compared with traditional methods, BIM provides one solution that makes material quantity takeoff and cost estimate easier, faster, cheaper and more accurate. By using a BIM drawing instead of CAD drawings, the material takeoffs, counts, and measurements can be generated, revised and updated directly from the underlying models, which potentially saves time, cost and labor efforts, and facilitates the ease for collaboration and cooperation between various participants during material procurement process.

BIM integrated with e-commerce software application provides potential benefit of streamlining the workflow of material quantity takeoff, estimating, bidding and procurement stages of the pre-construction interactions among various construction participants. BIM also facilitates a variety of related material procurement activities including material specifications description, design to digital fabrication and quality inspection process.

Procurement BIM provides a central working platform for all construction material procurement participants and other related suppliers.


procurement bim


Inputs required:

  • Final design drawings
  • Final setting out plans
  • Site survey drawings
  • Interior design drawings
  • Finish schedule and manufacturer details


  • BIM suitable for procurement purposes and related shop drawings
  • Material procurement schedules
  • Floor and wall tile and marble cutting lists
  • Millwork drawings
  • Joinery schedule
  • Ceiling and wall electrical fixtures schedule


  • Revit Suite