Point cloud to BIM Services

We provide Point Cloud to BIM services to a wide range of construction industry sectors.

Point Cloud scan is the latest BIM technology used for capturing the as built conditions of a building or object. It comprises of a set of a million data points which represent the three-dimensional coordinates of the external surface of a building or an object. This set of data called the point cloud are typically gathered or captured using a 3D scanner. Using a variety of surface reconstruction methods facilitated by specialist software tools, we reconstruct this scan data into a working 3D BIM model which reflects the existing condition of the building or object.

We provide Point Cloud to BIM services to a wide range of construction industry sectors, including architects, general contractors and civil contractors. Apart from architectural and structural point cloud modeling, we also provide MEP Point Cloud to BIM services to mechanical contractors & designers. The intelligent as-built model we create will contain all the building data embedded in it including the existing building elements such as beams, columns, ceilings, roofs and walls. Thus they can be used to analyze the existing conditions as well as for renovation and demolition purposes. We have successfully completed a number of point cloud conversion projects in architectural, structural and MEP streams taking advantage of our vast experience in BIM modeling and rich domain knowledge.

pointcloud saample-6a

Inputs expected from client side:
  • Laser scanned data of the building
  • Real photographs of the building
Deliverables of point-cloud modeling:
  • LOD 500 model showing the as-built conditions
  • As-built documentation

point cloud modeling

Software Expertize

1. Revit Suite (Architecture, Structure)
2. 3Ds Max
3. ArchiCAD