Architectural Presentation model enables the architect to present himself better and empowers the project owner to make a better decision in buying. Presentation modeling is one of the service offerings from the basket of comprehensive solutions from Advenser for architectural engineering industry. We undertake modeling of a construction project from the concept stage through design to construction and post-construction phase including facility management.
Presentation modeling services
We produce scaled architectural model of a building for architects, designers or builders from minimum inputs like blueprints, dimensioned hand sketches or photographs. We can create perspective views of the building from any desired angle with a light intensity offering a realistic representation of the structure with correct mathematical co-relation. We then apply the appropriate colors and textures to the elements to help the viewer visualize the project better. The models we deliver can be used for presentations, displays as well as sales & marketing purposes, especially for brochure and catalogs.
Presentation modeling services
Presentation modeling services

Inputs Required

Preliminary sketches of plans, elevations, sections


Software expertize